LA LUNA: Welcoming the First Moon

March 24-25, 2018

Available for all of the Families of our community. One seat registration is for 1 adult/child pair or 1 woman/woman pair.
Early Bird $250 until February 25th. After Feb 25th $300. Payments due 1 week before event. Sponsor a girl and her mother by donating a seat!


March 21st from 6pm-9pm

Traditional Sweatlodge Ceremony. (Temazcal)
Arrive at least one hour before.


Tuesday April 17th 11am to Sunday April 22nd 2018 

One seat registration is for one pair (2 people). Our ceremony "the vision quest" helps us clarify our existence. It is intended for those who are seeking personal growth and spiritual guidance from the Great spirit. We honor the memory and vision of our ancestors, we offer our fasting of water, food and speech to the essences of the 4 directions as a prayer, asking for guidance, protection, love, peace and clarity on our journey.  Early Bird $250 until March 17th. After March 18th $300


Friday, April 20th 4pm to Sunday April 22nd at noon. 
Men and women coming together with the intention of continuing their evolution on this sacred path of the red road, to heal their spirits, connect with the mother earth and the grandmother moon and to gather the strength and wisdom inside their own temples, in harmony with all their relations learning to pray, heal, empower and connect with the Universe. One seat registration is for one pair (2 people).
Early Bird $300 until March 20th, After March 21 Price is $350

EPIC: Radical Respect Retreat for Young Men

May 11-13, 2018

What does it mean to tap into true Self-Power in today's world? Join Us to discover this for Yourself! Retreat starts on Friday at 5pm and ends on Sunday at 5pm. All young men entering highschool 2018 or in highschool are invited. Food and camping for two nights included. Early Bird $250 until April 13th. After April 13th $300. Payments due 1 week before event. Empowering Retreat.