Ready to find What does it mean to tap into true Self-Power in today's world?

Join Us to discover this for Yourself! Retreat starts on Friday May 11th at 5pm and ends on Sunday May 13th at 5pm. All young men entering or already in high school in 2018 are invited. Food and camping for two nights included. Early Bird $250 until April 13th. After April 13th $300. Full payments due 1 week before event. 

Empowering Retreat: Sponsor a young man by donating their seat!

We are uniting 30 amazing young men ages 14 to 18 with intention to continue their evolution as Brothers, Sons, and Friends following this beautiful path of the heart, our purpose is:
~ to heal our spirits and bodies
~ to connect with each other
~ to build community with peace, and
~ to learn to gather the strength & wisdom inside our own selves
Focus on building social and emotional skills, self-esteem, and self-respect.
Every young man will be given space to be himself, completely.
We welcome young men from all nationalities, ethnicity beliefs, past or present experiences, into this special time of their lives with love, equality and peace.
With compassion, mindfulness, honesty, integrity, acceptance and love we will create a memorable experience where each person will be honored, celebrated, and empowered.
We will have a beautiful weekend of Camping in the Santa Cruz mountains!
Led by Cabin Counselors who have participated in the Amala Foundation's Youth Programs

Spotlight on our guest Counselors:

Solomon Masala - Camp Leader

Tapping into an energizing magnetism,  Solomon and his team deliver the antidote to stale team building and youth development training.  He uses a captivating blend of experiential, innovative processes designed to get people of all ages to do what they really want: access the tools and inspiration to embody personal and collective excellence. For over 20 years he’s developed and delivered powerful kinesthetics – meaning you get up out of your seat, you experience, you engage, and you ‘do’ what’s being learned.  Learning not only sticks and keeps expanding after the training, it’s a blast to do it that way. Solomon brings this into everything: interactive keynotes, organizational development processes, outdoor adventure experiences, and large scale percussion programs. And, he designs and develops multimedia curricula and interactive presentations on a national level.  Solomon believes in invigoration and vitality as learning tools – add that to the research and data on what works and you actually have something usable to humans. It’s instantly effective, ushering groups through the hard work of deepening and expanding excellence, and inspiring them to celebration.

Jed Purses - Counselor

Jed has spent the past 5 years working with individuals and groups as an experiential facilitator, counselor and coach. As a father to a young son, he is passionate about the education and socialization of boys and men and its rippling impact on the health and well being of our culture, global community and planet. In addition to working privately as a coach, Jed is the Founder of Real Talk Events with his wife, an experiential community event company, frequent counselor on the streets of San Francisco, and a Marriage and Family Therapist in training. Jed is a proud Cleveland, Ohio native and Bay Area resident since 2003.

Dr. Wayne Byrd - Counselor

Wayne would be best described as a person with boundless curiosity who is in love with life and all of its wondrous possibilities. He is committed to courageous authenticity and loves to witness people liberating themselves from external expectations, and instead learning to follow their own internal guidance systems. In his ever-evolving path toward alignment and purposeful existence he has served in a variety of roles including professional skills trainer, university professor, high school teacher and youth leaders. He is currently transitioning to a land-based existence where he will be able to work directly on what has most consistently captured his attention for the last seven years; living a self sufficient, regenerative, agrarian lifestyle while engaging deeply in community.

Wayne 2

Eliyhau Sills - MA, LMFT

Eliyahu Sills, a professional musician and a psychotherapist, has worked with young men and teenagers for over 20 years.  He has worked as a therapist and facilitated groups for young men in high schools, counseling centers and camps, and co-founded Young Men Coming of Age, a mentoring program for teenagers.  He currently leads men's groups for men in their 20's & 30's, supporting men to uncover and embrace their gifts and purpose so that they may better serve the communities around them.

His work brings awareness and sensitivity to issues of cultural, racial, sexual, and ethnic diversity, as well as a breadth of knowledge of spiritual traditions and rites of passage practices.  Through his years leading a successful career as a musician, he brings the sensitivity and soulfulness of an artist to his work with men.

IMPORTANT: Please note that in order to participate, each person attending must fill out the application form. Your reservation is not complete until we receive your completed application.