School of Ancestral Healing Arts

Online Course: September 2020 - June 2021

This online training program covers the core curriculum of our Ancestral Healing Arts and Curanderismo School over the course of 9 months. Through self-experience and guided teachings, individuals will refine their paths as healers, through indigenous and ancestral healing traditions.

California Moondance Chicuauhtlimetztli

Postponed until 2021

We reunite, to continue our evolution as Divine women and Sacred men, healing our families and future generations on this sacred path of the red road, to heal our spirits, bodies, wombs, sexuality, and connect with the mother earth and the grandmother moon, to gather the strength and wisdom inside our temples.

4 Puertas: Moondance Calling Retreat

Postponed - New Dates TBA

Our 4 Puertas Retreat is part of our prayer, lead by our Moondance Drum Leaders, Sahumadoras, and Firekeepers in preparation for the California Moondance.  We begin on Friday afternoon with a traditional Temazcal. All levels welcome.  Camping Included.

Consider joining us for this years Vision Quest - Postponed, New Dates TBA