Sacred Song Master Class

Online 8 Week Course: Jan/Feb 2021

This online series is a journey to tune ourselves as instruments, and learn how to listen deeply for the songs, creations, praying for insights and visions to cultivate our hearts with bravery and vulnerability as we live our lives during the current times as instruments of beauty, in service, awakening the dream we are all part of.  This class is open to music explorers of all levels! 

Help us Rebuild from the CZU Fire!

Our entire La Ventana Santa Cruz Mountain property was destroyed by the wildfires here in August. We are all safe and we just rescued our favorite old cat Leo who managed to survive the fire on his own for about 5 weeks! We are ultimately ok, though things are complicated at the moment, bu we will be back to serve our community with your support, theres no way we could completely rebuild without you!

Tonalama Master Class

Online 8 Week Courses: Jan-Apr 2021

Basic & Advanced Options

The Tonalama is the study of our personality and destiny based on the ancient wisdom of Mexico. It is the legacy of our ancestors, an understanding of human nature and the connectedness of all things drawn from a careful knowledge of the stars and a meticulous mathematical system.