With Gratitude, we welcome your presence to this Retreat to practice and pray for a peaceful and harmonious prayer with the Moondance Family, our Grandmother moon and the Sacred Ancestral land, the four directions, guardians and ancestors to receive all the healing, clarity and strength into our lives and our families. We reunite to pray in preparation for the Moondance ceremony. Our ceremony of the Moondance ChicuauhtliMeztli (Moon dance of the night eagle or owl) is supported directly by Abuela Mallinali (Maria Soto) from Mexico. We will be bringing this ceremony in August 2020. The Moondance in California is supported by a council of women who have been planning this ceremony with devotion. Our 4 Puertas Retreat is part of our prayer, will be lead by our Moondance Drum Leaders, Sahumadoras, and Firekeepers in preparation for the California Moondance.

We are a family who dances under the Moon to pray and transform ourselves, to remember our ancestors, honor our feminine lineage, be in peace and harmony with each other, and bring that medicine of love to our families and lives. The Moondance is specifically for Women and passed on through a lineage of women; All men are welcome to our retreat. New dancers are encouraged to participate so they can prepare with their Godmothers for the prayer. 

Postponed - New Dates TBA