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2021 California Moondance

July 20 - 24 ~ Mt Shasta, CA

Please read this entire page before asking any questions!

With gratitude, we welcome your presence to this sacred ceremony and pray for a peaceful and harmonious prayer with the Moondance Family, our Grandmother moon and the Sacred Ancestral Mount Shasta land, the four directions, guardians, and ancestors to receive all the healing, clarity and strength in our lives and our families.

Abuela Malinalli, together with a small group of grandmothers, following the path of the Moon from the lineage of their elder grandmother Isabel Vega, brought back this ceremony from the ancient codices of the Anahuac Nations of Indigenous Mexico. This ceremony has been empowering women through the Dance of the Moon, activating the energy of the conscious and dignified woman and in that way, manifesting the ancient codices that showed women dancing in a circle under the moon thousands of years ago. This design of this ceremony is prayer in movement, allowing us to visualize our life, the past, present, and future, understanding our lives and creating peace and harmony in all our relations, including each one with themselves, family, mother earth, and the world.

More circles of the Moondance are being born in other countries, with the purpose of the women reconnecting with their feminine essence, to heal themselves and their families.

ChicuauhtliMetztli (Moon dance of the night eagle or owl) is supported directly by Abuela Mallinali. We are a family who dances under the Moon to pray and transform ourselves, to remember our ancestors, honor our feminine lineage, be in peace and harmony with each other, and bring that medicine of love to our families and lives. The Moondance is specifically for Women and passed on through a lineage of women. There are also opportunities for men to come as supporters for the women in their lives.

The Moondance in California is supported by a council of women who have been planning this ceremony with devotion.  Many of us, including Abuela Malinalli, had the vision of bringing the dance to California and in the most sacred place, Mount Shasta, to pray for our lives, our families, the holy water, the earth, and all our future generations. The holy Mountain Shasta has been a unique place in our lives, and we recognize its power and as well the need to come humbly and respectfully. We sincerely pray that continues to unfold with ease and respect so we can nourish our relationships here in the north and extend to all humanity.

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The following are the basic requirements to attend our Dance. You must be able to agree and fulfill ALL of these requests in order to attend. Please be sure this is right for you:

  • INTENTION - Feel the call in your heart and have the Intention to Pray with the Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth in harmony with all our relations. This ceremony is a commitment, a prayer, and a way of life, not a festival or social event.  You must be committed to the Red Road as a way of Life. Please be respectful and mindful of this: the Moondance, like the Sundance, Vision Quest, etc., will change your life, it is a spiritual path and we take it very seriously. If you are not sure about this way of life, we suggest you come as a supporter for your first year. So please, reflect thoroughly on the purpose for which you're going to offer up four nights of dance to the moon.
  • COMMITMENT - Signing up for this Dance means making the commitment to complete all 4 nights of dancing, and all eight sweat lodges. Missing any of these will result in an incomplete dance that will not be counted. If you want to serve on the drum as a singer, be a sahumadora, carry the caracol or receive a pipe, you will have to commit to 4 consecutive years of the dance. We ask only dancers with experience to commit to any of those jobs. Pipes will be given in the 4th year. Supporters interested in serving at the fire also make a 4 year commitment to the dance.
  • REMAIN ONSITE - Once we begin the ceremony on July 20th, all participants and supporters must remain on site until the final closing on July 24th. There will be no coming and going, so please come prepared with everything you need to complete the dance without leaving.
  • PUNCTUALITY - Attend all the calls on time. Conch shell (caracol) will be blown to call for meetings and ceremonies during the Moondance.
  • MADRINA - If this is your first Moondance, you need to have a Godmother (Madrina) or a sponsor for the dance.
  • SUPPORTERS - Guests are welcome as supporters, but they must come with a registered Moondancer and register themselves as a supporter. No unregistered guests or visitors will be allowed on site. You are responsible for your guest's travel, preparation, well being and behavior during the ceremony.
  • TOBACCO - Bring an offering of Natural Tobacco wrapped in cloth, asking for permission to participate in the dance.  You can also bring an additional tobacco for the Fire Chief of the dance. Supporters bring their tobacco offerings directly to the fire chief.
  • PLAN AHEAD - No last-minute reservations for the Moondance. We don't make reservations via text or e-mail. We don't hold spaces. If someone wants to come, they need to register online, with no exceptions. We will close our registration once all the seats have been taken. No walk-ins allowed.
  • LETTER OF INTENTION - You are asked to make your intentions to dance clear by completing our online waiver and writing a letter of intention explaining why you want to dance. You should send this letter every year that you attend the Moondance. Everyone needs to send a letter of intention each year, no matter how many dances you have done. Please explain your intention to your Madrina.
  • RESPECT - Adapt to the guidelines, principles and discipline of the Moondance. Respect the elements of dance, ritual, place, people and community during the entire event.
  • PRAYER TIES - Make 52 prayer ties, 13 of each color: yellow, white, red, and blue. These colors are representative of the four races of humans, the four directions, and our relationship to the elements. Your Godmother can teach you how to make these if you are not familiar. Supporters also making a 4 year commitment with the fire need to bring prayer ties as well.
  • SACRED WATER - Bring 4oz of water from a spring or a sacred place from home to offer during our water ceremony. 
  • FLOWER CROWNS - Please bring your own flower crown. Ask your Madrina for instructions.  The crown is made out of sage or other medicinal plants and white flowers.  You will need scissors and white string to wrap the crown together and create a comfortable fit for your head. All the dancers need to wear a crown.
  • WAIVER - You must complete and sign our online waiver once you have registered in order to confirm your participation.
  • ELECTRONICS - The use of electronics is prohibited including phones and cameras. Pictures of sacred sites, altars or Temazcales are entirely forbidden. Phones will be allowed once the ceremony is closed, and all prayers have been burned in the fire.
  • VALUABLES - Do not bring expensive jewelry or valuables.
  • RESPONSIBILITY - We ask you to please be responsible for your own personal process, sustaining your prayers and your intention. If any issues arise, please contact your Godmother, any of our council members or Abuelas.  Part of the prayer is to be open to the healing, and shades of humanity will show up as part of the human condition and the process of healing.
  • TRASH - We will deal with the garbage in the following manner; Whatever you bring in - you take back out! This way you can care for your own waste and recycle and walk your prayer with our Mother Earth with integrity. Thank you!
  • COVID-19 UPDATE - You will be required to provide a negative Covid-19 test result in order to join us. If this is an issue for you please wait to join us another year, no exceptions! Also as part of this public health precaution there will be no food served at this years dance. You must bring everything you need to take care of you and your families needs.


Early Bird- $400 until June 20th, $450 After June 21st. This fee includes camping for the four nights of dancing. Any extra nights need to be paid at the door in cash. Before June 20th (Early Bird), $100 deposit to reserve and a balance of $300 in cash once you arrive at the dance.  After June 21st, deposit of $150 and $300 to be paid once you arrive at the dance.

Moondancer - $100 Deposit


Early Bird- $200 until June 20th, $250 After June 21st. This fee includes camping for the four nights. Any extra nights need to be paid at the door in cash. Before June 20th, $100 deposit to reserve and a balance of $100 in cash once you arrive at the dance. After June 21st, deposit of $150 and $100 to be paid once you arrive at the dance.

Supporter - $100 Deposit


    • CONFIDENTIALITYBy attending, you agree to keep anything said within the sessions, completely confidential. This agreement is a requirement for participation in any gathering. This means not talking or sharing your feeling about what another person said, referring to what is supposed to anyone else, especially to the person who shared. We also want the supporters to keep all ceremonial details private to protect the privacy of the participants, never talking about any process or past events with anyone except the council or Moondance organizers.  If you have any concerns or you heard anything we should know, we hope you can come and speak to us directly.
    • RESPECTWe strive to treat everyone with respect, setting up space to allow that each person is heard before others speak a second time, that differences are honored, and accommodated when needed. We ask that participants be aware of physical space and respect each person’s boundaries, ask before hugging, watch voice tone, and sarcasm, which can creep in as ‘humor,’ feelings are welcomed. We take care not to invalidate people or groups of people. Be comfortable and take care of yourself; we want to be flexible and still provide a safe structure for all participants.
    • FOCUS ON YOUR INNER PROCESS - This is a prayer ceremony; therefore, Silence is required during the whole dance except during meetings.  We want all of the community to be able to go deep within the process. It is essential to participate in all of the activities; your effort is a beautiful offering to all of the spirits.  Please do not make significant commitments after the Moondance. You will need alone time to process. If you can't stay until the end of the Moondance, please cancel your reservation.
    • CHILDREN - We love children, but we don't have childcare available. If you bring your kids, you will be responsible for all of their needs and behavior, and a parent needs to supervise them the whole time, especially during the dance and sweat lodges.  Please make sure you fill our liability waiver with your kid's information. We ask all dancers pregnant and with babies and toddlers to consider staying home, as the number one prayer is the one with our family, especially our babies. We suggest all the ladies with children take the four days to heal and find childcare to be able to come and focus on their prayer,

We are honoring all dancers and supporters, ancestors, guardians, and directions of the Universe.  All children, families, and dualities, with the Blessing of our Grandmother Abuela Malinalli and praying for a beautiful harmonious dance. Aho' Ometeotl