~Moondance Postponed until 2021~

Please read this entire page before asking any questions.

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With Gratitude, we welcome your presence to this sacred ceremony and pray for a peaceful and harmonious prayer with the Moondance Family, our Grandmother moon and the Sacred Ancestral Mount Shasta land, the four directions, guardians and ancestors to receive all the healing, clarity and strength into our lives and our families.

We reunite, to continue our evolution as Divine women and Sacred men, healing our families and future generations on this sacred path of the red road, to heal our spirits, bodies, wombs, sexuality, and connect with the mother earth and the grandmother moon, to gather the strength and wisdom inside our temples.


The following are the basic requirements to attend our Dance:

Have the Intention to Pray with the Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth in harmony with all our relations and feel the call in your heart. This ceremony is a commitment, a prayer, and a way of life, not a festival or social event.  You must be committed to the Red Road as a way of Life. Please be respectful and mindful of this: the Moondance, like the Sundance, Vision Quest, etc., will change your life, is a spiritual path and we take it very seriously, It is a Four-year commitment to the dance and the rest of your life if you receive a sacred pipe. If you are not sure about this way of life, we suggest you come as a supporter for your first year. So, please, reflect thoroughly on the purpose for which you're going to offer up four nights of dance to the moon.

Complete the Dance ( dance four nights in a row and take part in all the eight sweat lodges.) Your dance will be counted if you finish all of these. If you miss a temazcal or part of the dance, your dance will not count.

Attend all the calls on time (Conch or caracol call) to meetings and ceremonies during the Moondance

If this is your first Moondance, you need to have a Godmother or a sponsor for the dance; she will help you prepare for the dance and answer all your questions.  She needs to come with you your first year. The Godmother must be a Pipe Carrier Moondancer; she is the person that opened your way to the Moondance. The Godmother needs to explain all of the Moondance information and then introduce the new dancers to us. You will need to provide the name to us of your Godmother. If you don't have a Godmother, please let us know.

If you want to serve in the drum as a singer, be a sahumadora or carry the caracol, you will have to commit to 4 consecutive years to the dance.  We ask only dancers with experience to commit to any of those jobs.

Guests are welcome, but they must come with a registered Moondance sister to participate. Everyone needs to register to enter. You are responsible for your guest's travels, preparation, and for their well being and behavior during their ceremony.

Bring two offerings of Organic Tobacco wrapped up in a beautiful cloth. At least 4oz of tobacco each and herbs, one for Abuela and one for Susana, asking for permission to participate in the dance.  You can also bring a tobacco offering to the FireChief of the dance. Gifts are optional.

No last-minute reservations for the Moondance. We don't make reservations via text or e-mail. We don't hold spaces. If someone wants to come, they need to register online, with no exceptions. We will close our registration once all the seats have been taken. No walk-ins allowed

You are asked to make your intentions to dance clear by completing the waiver and writing a letter of intention explaining why you want to dance. The space to write your letter of intention is within the waiver. You will explain your intention each year that you attend the Moondance. Everyone needs to complete the waiver, including the letter of intention each year, no matter how many dances you have done. Please explain your intention to your Madrina.

Attend preparatory Temazcales or retreats here in La Ventana if you are in this area.

Adapt to the guidelines and principles of the discipline Moondance. Respect the elements of dance, ritual, place, and community — have willingness during the dance.

Do not bring expensive jewelry or valuables.

Make 52 prayers 13 of each color: yellow, white, red, and blue. These colors are representative of the four races of humans, the four directions, and our relationships to the elements. These prayers are the ones I teach in our retreats; they need to be wrapped around a piece of wood or cardboard, so they don't tangle up.

Bring 4oz of water from a spring or a sacred place from home. 

Sign our online waiver to complete registration. The waiver is sent in the confirmation email once you register and it is required to complete your registration.

The use of electronics is prohibited, including phones and cameras. Pictures of sacred sites or temazcales are entirely forbidden. Phones will be allowed once the ceremony is closed, and all prayers have been burned in the fire.

We ask you to please be in charge of your personal process, sustaining your prayers and your intention. If any issues arise, please contact your Godmother or any of our council members or Abuelas.  Part of the prayer is to be open for the healing, and shades of humanity will show up as part of the human condition and the process of healing.


If this is your first Moondance, you need to have a Godmother or a sponsor for the dance; she will help you prepare for the dance and answer all your questions.  She needs to come with you to your first dance.

The Godmother must be a Pipe Carrier Moondancer; she is the person that opened your way to the Moondance. The Godmother needs to explain all of the Moondance information and then introduce the new dancers to us.

You will need to provide the name to us of your Godmother. If you don't have a Godmother, please let us know. This invitation is for any woman who has a clear active "call" to dance can dance who has a sponsor/madrina who is a Moondancer and a pipe carrier.

A woman who has danced at another Moondance and carries a pipe may come without a sponsor.

If you do not know if you are ready to commit, or do not have a sponsor, we strongly encourage you to come and support the dance to have an experience of the prayer and work before making any decision to dance. Supporting the dance is a prayer in itself, please make your intentions to support the dance clear to Moondance@laventanaretreats.com.

For Madrinas/Sponsors

The responsibilities of a sponsor/madrina include making sure that the sister you invite has all the necessary information and guidance for participating knowingly in the Moondance.

Please take the time to introduce her before she begins communicating with us, so we know how she has come into contact with the dance. You should make sure:

  • That she can make her outfit or knows where to get one.
  • That she understands what this way of life is about, and is aware of the four-year commitment to this prayer.
  • That she participates in at least one purification lodge or Moondance women's retreat before the dance.

Thank you sincerely for respecting the gentle unfolding and integrity of this sacred prayer.


Abuela Mallinali

Our Dear Moondance Chief Abuela Mallinali is coming from Mexico to open the First Moondance in California.  Abuela was born in Michoacan, Mexico, and for about 20 years has been the guardian and leader of the OLLINTLAHUIMETZTLI Moon Dance Circle in Mexico.

She is also a Sundancer, and with her companion, they have a community of Sundancers and Moondancers in Mexico. Abuela Malinalli is a woman of broad knowledge of the Indigenous Mexican tradition, with strong intuition, wisdom, and love.

We intend to arrive with our dear Abuela to conduct this dance in the Shasta area and to have her physical support in our opening of the dance itself. Our dance will be an extension of the Moondance birthed in Mexico.

Abuela Malinalli, together with a small group of grandmothers, following the path of the Moon from the lineage of their elder grandmother Isabel Vega, brought back this ceremony from the ancient codices of the Anahuac Nations.

This ceremony has been empowering women through the Dance of the Moon, activating the energy of the conscious and dignified woman and in that way, manifesting the ancient codices that showed women dancing in a circle under the moon thousands of years ago.

The design of this ceremony is prayer in movement, allowing us to visualize our life, the past, present, and future, understanding our lives and creating peace and harmony in all our relations, including each one with themselves, family, mother earth, and the world. In this way our Abuela Malinalli has opened the following dances in North & South America:

-YOLOTLMETZTLI in Minnesota with Grandmother Silvia Mayahuel.

-METZTLIYOLILLITZTLI in Costa Rica with Grandmother Itzpapalotl.

-METZTLI YOLOXOCHILT in Durango Mexico with Mazatl Sol

-HUTZTLAMPAYOLOTL METZTLI in Colombia with Tanametztli.

-WATESKUNMETZTLI in Canada With Kaveesha Eves.

-OMETEOTZINMETZTLI with Abuela Gloria Atekokoli.

-GUAIA TCHIAMETZTLI from Colombia with Sakrey Iztaccihuatl

More circles of the Moondance are being born in other countries, with the purpose of the women reconnecting with their feminine essence, and to heal themselves and their families.


ChicuauhtliMeztli (Moondance of the night eagle or owl) is supported directly by Abuela Mallinali (Maria Soto) from Mexico as well as other Grandmothers of the Americas. We are a family who dances under the Moon to pray and transform ourselves, to remember our ancestors, honor our feminine lineage, be in peace and harmony with each other, and bring that medicine of love to our families and lives. The Moondance is specifically for Women and is passed on through a lineage of women.

The Moondance in California is supported by a council of women who have been planning this ceremony with devotion. We have about 50 women pipe carriers from our community that already finished their four-year commitment in Mexico and are coming to support this dance in California. We are planning on accepting about 150 people as we already have a lot of interest from a lot of women and their communities.

Some elders and grandmothers will come happily from Mexico & the Americas in support of this prayer. Many of us, including Abuela Malinalli, had the vision of bringing the dance to California and in the most sacred place, Mount Shasta. We sincerely pray that continues to unfold with ease and respect so we can nourish our relationships here in the north and extend to all humanity.


We are currently in the process of requesting permission from the local indigenous leaders in the Shasta area to conduct our dance on their sacred lands. It is an essential part of this process that we comply with their request to stay away from some of their most sacred sites including the springs at Panther Meadows on Mt Shasta.

Because there will be so many of us in the area at the same time it could be extremely harmful to the delicate springs and meadows to have so many visitors, even well intentioned. We must collectively make the pledge to honor this request otherwise it could jeopardize our future ability to visit and dance on these lands.

Please watch this video in order to better understand the importance of this request.



By attending, you agree to keep anything said within the sessions completely confidential. This agreement is a requirement for participation in any gathering. This means not talking or sharing your feeling about what another person said, referring to what is supposed to anyone else, especially to the person who shared. We also want the supporters to keep all ceremonial details private to protect the privacy of the participants, never talking about any process or past events with anyone except the council or Moondance organizers.  If you have any concerns or you heard anything we should know, we hope you can come and speak to us directly.


We strive to treat everyone with respect, setting up space to allow that each person is heard before others speak a second time, and that differences are honored and accommodated when needed. We ask that participants be aware of physical space and respect each person’s boundaries, ask before hugging, watch voice tone, and sarcasm, which can creep in as ‘humor.’ Feelings are welcomed. We take care not to invalidate people or groups of people. Be comfortable and take care of yourself; we want to be flexible and still provide a safe structure for all participants.


Many people are susceptible to chemical fragrances. With everyone’s cooperation, this guideline means more people can participate with comfort and full attention. This includes attendance in classes, workshops, gatherings, or private sessions. Some things to avoid: cologne, perfume, lotions, all scented hair products, shaving lotion, smoke, laundry aids - scented detergents/fabric softeners/dryer sheets. If it smells, don’t wear it on your body or your clothes.  Only natural scents, please. All La Ventana Herbal Products are welcome. However, because of the physical activity and the sweatlodges during the dance we request that all participants use a natural scent-free deodorant.


This is a prayer ceremony; therefore, Silence is required during the whole dance except during meetings.  We want all of the community to be able to go deep within the process. It is essential to participate in all of the activities; your effort is a beautiful offering to all of the spirits.  Please do not make significant commitments after the Moondance. You will need alone time to process. If you can't stay until the end of the Moondance, please cancel your reservation.

We ask that only those willing to follow our guidelines attend. Thank you!


We love children, but we don't have childcare available. If you bring your kids, you will be responsible for all of their needs and behavior, and a parent needs to supervise them the whole time, especially during the dance and sweat lodges.  Please make sure you fill our liability waiver with your kid's information. We ask all dancers pregnant and with babies and toddlers to consider staying home, as the number one prayer is the one with our family, especially our babies. We suggest all the ladies with children take the four days to heal and find childcare to be able to come and focus on their prayer.


Access to the camp will be restricted to those who will be supporting the dance for all 4 days. We will not open to visitors on the last night due to our sincere intention of holding a safe space for our dancers to pray.


The first step to start preparing is to connect. We are excited about the new technology of our phones and use it as a tool to stay connected and be able to share every day a piece of wisdom and teachings that inspire us to keep the focus in our spiritual work. We have a group of sisters of the moon, and we share songs, messages, and information about the Moondance, we also plan our trip and exchange messages during our trip to stay in touch and plan activities.

Click here to join our Moondance group studies.

Please send us a message via What's app once you have the app installed so we can add your information to our contacts, include your e-mail info and how did you find out about the Moondance. If you are inviting someone to our groups, please have them introduce themselves when joining. We have 150 members already in our group, and it will be especially important to connect and prepare. No unnecessary messages, please. No advertisement for other events. We are all busy people and want to maintain the focus.


A Temazcal is a traditional steam bath ceremony that has been used for both healing and ritual purposes in Mexico & the Americas for thousands of years. Xochitlquetzalli is a Moon Dancer of the Ollintlahuimetztli Circle in Mexico and carries the medicine of the Sweat Lodge through this tradition.

Women on their moon cycle are welcome to come (Our tradition of the Moondance allows women to be in a temazcal during their sacred time). We encourage all of those women wanting to join us for the Moondance to come to the temazcales to start preparing for the prayer.

During the Moondance, there will be eight sweat lodges, one each night around sunset, and one every morning around sunrise. The lodges are simply for what we call “dusting off.” They are intended to give you strength for your dance, to cleanse that which may come up during your process, and to help you to integrate all the different energies at play. All Sweat lodges are Obligatory - you must attend all eight lodges to dance.

Please bring at least two dresses for the sweat lodge as they are often not dry in time for the next lodge.


We strongly encourage all the ladies interested in joining us to the Moondance to come for the VISION QUEST as a visionary or supporter, during the spring (May 12th to 17th, 2020).

You must reserve in advance in our online reservation system.


Fasting is part of this ceremony as part of an offering and intended to purify our body and spirit.  Water is allowed at all times, and basic vegan food will be offered during the day (fruit at noon and soup at 5 pm, tea during the breaks at night)

You are welcome to bring snacks (power bars, nuts). Please do not overindulge with food. We should just be eating what we receive from the camp and bring a few things to snack only in case you are feeling weak.

Some women decide to fast entirely as part of their prayer and offering. If you choose to do that, please let your Godmother know and the people around your tent. If you have a special diet or have allergies, please bring your food and storage. We don't take requests for special diets or food allergies. Please carry your medications and Epipen and make sure your Godmother knows about any health concerns.


Those who already carry a Moondance pipe are welcome to use their pipes during the dance. Sundance pipes are not appropriate in the arbor (prayer circle) for this prayer. You are asked to watch, listen, and learn the teachings of the pipe during the four-years that you dance in the process of understanding your commitment to this way of life.

The council have agreed to offer chanupas in the fourth year of dance.

If you have received your obsidian pipe from another dance, you still need to finish your commitment of 4 years on that altar with your pipe.


We made an album with the Moondance songs with Abuela Malinalli. Please search in Spotify Abuela Malinalli. We hope you learn them and get all the love and healing they were intended to have. We also have a group in Whatsapp, where we practice every two weeks Moondance songs and share the lyrics and translation.  The group is only for people interested in attending our dance in California. We will send a link to the group once you join us in the WhatsApp Moondance group.


Have the Intention to Pray with the Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth in harmony with all our relations and feel the call in your heart to come and help. If you want to serve as a fireman, you will have to commit to 4 consecutive years to the dance.

All supporters are required to remain in the camp for the full 4 days of the dance, not coming and going. If you cannot make this commitment to stay for the entire dance, please join us another time when you can.

No last-minute reservations for the Moondance.

All visitors need to be invited by a Moondance sister who already registered for the dance; all moon dancers need to commit to being responsible for her visitor's behavior, preparation, and participation.

Have and maintain goodwill and harmony during the dance

Bring an attitude of love and unity.

Adapt to the discipline of the dance and obey to elders of the camp.

Respect the women, elders, elements, Ritual, Place, and community

Pictures of sacred sites or temazcales are entirely prohibited. Only photos of friends once the ceremony is closed, and all prayers have been burned in the fire.

Visitors/supporters are not allowed to talk to or touch the moon dances until the closing of the dance on the last day of the dance.



Fees: Early Bird $300 until April 30th, $350 After May 1st. This fee includes camping for the four nights of dancing. All extra nights need to be paid at the door in cash. Before April 30th$100 deposit paid to reserve and balance of $200 once you arrive at the dance. After May 1st deposit $150 and $200 to be paid once you arrive at the dance. All dancers will need and extra $10 for our dance logo. New dancers will need the Coyoxauhqui logo, another $10.

We are still figuring out the uniform and the pipe fee.  We will keep everyone posted.

Two days before (July 28th), the core group of the dance, all of the experienced dancers from our Ollintlahuimetztli tradition and supporters, will meet to open our circle and start all our altars, preparing the space for all the dancers and families.  We will have the opening prayer with the core group at 3 pm. All the core group and supporters are welcome to arrive two nights before, and stay one night after for clean up. We will need $25 (cash) for each person setting up their tent in the camp, even if they don't stay for the night.  Please pay this extra night fee upon arrival. Bring offerings, flowers, crystals, feathers, and your sacred pipe. Children 4 and under are free.

Cancellation Policy

La Ventana reserves the right to cancel any event at any time. Usually, we have a waiting list, so if you need to cancel your reservation, we appreciate it if you could let us know at least seven days before the ceremony. "Seven full days" means by Friday before a Friday ceremony. We hope to let people on the waiting list know as soon as something opens so that they can prepare for the service. Cancellations must be made by e-mail.

IMPORTANT: We don’t offer refunds, although we may give you credit for future ceremonies, ONLY if the cancellation is for health reasons or an emergency. Your contribution will be transferred to a La Ventana non-refundable credit account to be used within one year. Your reservation is personal and not transferrable, so if you can't make it, you can't send someone else instead.

No credit or refunds for work conflicts or transportation issues, so please plan! Please be ready at the camp before 2 pm on July 30th. We will start the ceremony at 3 pm.

Please make sure you understand all of the information above and write us an email if you have any questions or concerns about your ability to follow through.  If you are unable to comply with our requests, we can accept your cancellation within 24 hrs of booking. Otherwise, our standard policy applies. You have any questions about our cancellation policy; please send us an e-mail.

About Shimshai & Susana


Susana (Xochitlquetzalli) is a Colombian-born Medicine Woman and a spiritual teacher. Primarily of Indigenous Colombian blood and her lineage includes the Mestizo Amazonian, the Mexhica traditions of Mexico, and the Kogi and Arhuaco nations of her native Colombia. Susana shares her awareness of the gifts of Creation, bringing practice and experience from Indigenous traditions of North, Central, and South America. Susana is the current leader of the group of Moondancers of California, a Pipe Carrier from the Ollinthlahuimetztli Moondance of Teotihuacan, Mexico.  She carries the medicine of the Temazcal (sweatlodge) from this tradition. Susana is dedicated to reconnecting women with the medicine of the Moon, healing their wombs while they reclaim their sacred feminine, their inner wisdom, fertility, and power.

Shimshai is a sacred music singer/songwriter, producer, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist musician spiritual teacher. Shimshai's music invokes the sentiment of ancestral devotion and dedication to higher consciousness. A self-proclaimed seeker of truth, described by many as possessing the voice of an angel, Shimshai is gifted with the innate ability to deliver his message flawlessly in several languages, most profoundly the universal language of Love and Oneness.  www.shimshai.com

Shimshai & Susana have been facilitating countless healing ceremonies from the altars of Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Australia, Europe, USA to the sacred grounds of local Native tribes of California, including more than 40 years of work with the Mestizo traditions of Peru and Colombia, the Mexhica traditions of Indigenous Mexico, and the Kogi and Arhuaco nations of Indigenous Colombia with direct guidance and support from teachers and spiritual leaders in each tradition. They are the custodians of the vision quest ceremony. They are the owners of La Ventana Herbals and create conscious ceremonial herbal medicines.  Shimshai and Susana teach in their retreat center La Ventana and other retreat centers around the world. Their gentle guidance is a prayer inspired by their deep connection to the spiritual world, Mother Earth, and their heart. They are married and reside with their two teenagers in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where they hold their retreat programs throughout the year.

La Ventana Church

The Church of La Ventana is a spiritual community in which people come together in prayer and ceremony, having evolved directly from a lineage of traditions in South and Central America. Community members find our ceremonies and services to be a crucial catalyst for personal and collective spiritual connection and growth. La Ventana is itself continually evolving and maturing through ancient tradition and divine inspiration towards improving the effectiveness of its ceremonies and its organization. In essence, the purpose of this is to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing within each person, our community, our greater humanity, the earth & world at large, and we welcome the participation of those with any other religious or spiritual identity.

Sending love and blessings

We are honoring all dancers and supporters, ancestors, guardians, and directions of the Universe.  All children, families, and dualities, with the Blessing of our Grandmother Abuela Malinalli and praying for a beautiful harmonious dance.

Postponed until 2021