Vision Quest 2020: July 9th - 14th

Our ceremony, the Vision Quest helps us clarify our existence. It is intended for those who are seeking personal growth and spiritual guidance from the Great spirit. To honor the memory and vision of our ancestors, we offer our fasting from water, food and speech to the essences of the 4 directions as a prayer, asking for protection, love, peace and clarity on our journey. We pray for the guidance and inspiration of the Great Spirit, for the expansion of consciousness in infinite gratitude for life and all our relationships.  Xochitlquetzalli and Shimshai were given the blessing for this ceremony by Abuela Malinalli of Mexico and so we continue the tradition following her guidance and teachings.

We will be setting up our circles and working the land on Thursday July 9th this year.  We begin our ceremony with a Fire Prayer on Friday July 10th, then make our way into the woods for 4 nights, emerging on Tuesday July 14th with a final offering to the fire. Supporters will take shifts at the fire during the entire vision quest, day and night. We request a 4 year commitment for this ceremony, according to the tradition which we have been given by our Abuela. A personal supporter is required for each visionary participant and please review all the necessary information in detail to understand what you are signing up for~

Reservation Information:


July 9th - 14th

$450 Registration

For Visionary and supporter pair