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Online Course Lead by Xochitlquetzalli and Shimshai

September 16th 2021 - June 16th 2022

This training covers the core curriculum of our Ancestral Healing Arts and Curanderismo School. It is an online-only program over the course of 9 months.  Note: We are working to adapt and flow with the limitations of gatherings due to Covid-19. If we are able to continue with in-person gatherings, students registered for this online-only program will have the opportunity to upgrade to the Advanced School if they would like to.  This training is open for all of those interested in reinforcing and acquiring new knowledge in ancestral healing and the art of curanderismo. Through self-experience and guided teachings, individuals will refine their paths as healers and their service to the Creator, practice indigenous and ancestral healing traditions, and gain knowledge and experience in indigenous medicine practices. This version of the program is held entirely online over a 9-month time span.

Core Curriculum includes:

  • Pre-Hispanic traditions and curanderismo.
  • Traditional ceremonial songs, icaros, and music as an instrument for healing.
  • Rites of passage (conception, natural birth, naming ceremony, first moon, vision quest, marriage, pipe and Moondance and Sundance ceremonies)
  • Tonalpohualli, Aztec Astrology, the count of the days, the sun calendar
  • Temazcal or sweat lodge
  • Prayers and offerings
  • Popochkomitl, sahumerios, curaciones, baths, limpias, Purificación, entity releases, protecting your space.
  • Group facilitation, counseling.
  • Meditation
  • Healing trauma and working with feminine and masculine sacred sexual energies, including Womb healings and distance healings.
  • Working with the sacred elements, water ceremony, fire ceremony, the art of breathing, and working with Mother Earth, the sun, and the moon.
  • Creating the Earth Altar- humility, ancestors, masculine energy, teachings on the shadows of fear and survival
  • Creating the Water Altar- the universal mother, the emotional body, pleasure, sexuality, and the shadows of guilt
  • Creating the Fire Altar- the intellect, expression, power, beliefs, judgment, and forgiveness
  • Creating the Air Altar- Love, time, levels of consciousness and the stages of life, happiness, mindfulness, and responsibility
  • Food, Diet, and fasting
  • Sacred master plants
  • Stones, gemstones and feathers, space, and attire.
  • Aromatherapy and preparation of products based on medicinal plants for healing.

This 9-month class will immerse all the participants in experiential healing through different rites of indigenous ceremonies that will help us deepen and navigate all the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms for a complete inner work, healing of our lives, and refinement of our intuition. We gather our spiritual tools and allies to step onto the path of healing and initiation.

We will be discovering and cultivating each person's own medicine and identifying their unique gifts. Then we support the process of each person stepping into their unique healing practice with experience, protection, balance, knowledge, and wisdom.

This 9-month online training is limited to 15 healers or curanderos. This will be a supported online training with live video meetings every two weeks, assignments in between, and a private school communication thread for sharing assignments, questions, and teachings. Recordings of our calls will be sent to the group to study and for those not able to be on the live calls. Song practices, journaling,  experiential assignments, and more are to be completed between sessions. We will be joining together with students in the Advanced School for online teachings. 

This course will have a small group of like-minded spiritual souls who form a healing community. Students will work together to support each other and complete assignments. 

La Ventana Church will be issuing a certificate of completion in Ancestral Healing Arts and curanderismo after all the hours and training have been completed satisfactorily. This acknowledgment is only for the tools and practices discussed and shared in this course. Facilitation of traditional ceremonies, sweat lodges, and such rituals each have their special training, ceremony, and requirements according to each tradition and cannot be promised to anyone by La Ventana Church at this time as they require years of commitment and specific blessings from each lineage.

If you are interested in enrolling for the 2021-2022 Ancestral Healing Arts and Curanderismo Online Training, please make your reservation below.  Course deposit/ payment is required to confirm course enrollment.

Dates & Registration:

This program is online only and based in English.

Course runs from Sept 16, 2021 to June 16, 2022

For training in Europe, please contact us. Available in Italian, Spanish, and English.

$1800 if paid in full upon acceptance of participation by June 16th, 2021. 

$1900 by July 16th.

$2000 with a payment plan. Payment plans require the $1000 deposit. Options are $200 a month for 5 months beginning in September, or $250 a month for 4 months. 

$1000 deposit required to reserve your seat. This deposit is non-refundable. This first payment will be deducted from the total tuition cost.

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