Learn the ancient Tonalama Practice with Xochitlquetzalli

tonalama class 2022

The Tonalama is the study of our personality and destiny based on the ancient wisdom of Mexico. It is the legacy of our ancestors, an understanding of human nature and the connectedness of all things drawn from a careful knowledge of the stars and a meticulous mathematical system. Through this study we come to understand all the energies and influences present when the breath of life awoke our being at birth. We come to know all parts of ourselves, the potential that lives within us, and we walk our path of destiny with greater clarity and consciousness. The Tonalama gives us insight into our unique strengths and weaknesses and helps us live our lives with greater purpose, intention, and wisdom. 

Our ancestors knew how to understand and harmonize with the rhythms of creation. Through this study we will come to understand and live in closer relationship with the energies that govern our days, our lives, our communities, our connection to each other and the natural world. 

In this study we will break down the complex systems of these ancient calendars and begin to awaken the knowledge within ourselves. The tonalama is passed orally and Xochitlquetzalli has received the teachings from her teacher Abuela Malinalli in the lineage of the Ollintlahuimetztli Moondance. We are grateful to all the elders and ancestors who have kept this sacred knowledge alive so we may walk through these times with greater wisdom and trust.  We welcome you to join in this study of the Tonalama and bring this ancient wisdom into your heart and your life. Ometeotl. 

Basic Tonalama Class

March 8th - April 12th 2022: This six week course with Xochitlquetzalli will be held Tuesdays at 4pm Pacific Time. 60 minutes classes recorded for you to re-watch or tune in if you are not able to make our scheduled time. This will be an introductory class and will meet everyone where they are at. No previous study is necessary to join!